TRITUM is an official TYPO3 partner

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…and the journey continues! Having worked with TYPO3 for more than a decade, TRITUM just became the first official partner for TYPO3 in Germany! From now on, we can call ourselves "TYPO3 Business Development Partner", which means being regarded as a leading TYPO3 agency that provides high quality solutions and is ready to implement bigger projects!

Taking on this new role in the TYPO3 world was not an arbitrary decision: TRITUM has supported the ongoing development of TYPO3 intensively for many years. Since 2004, we have created more than 300 extensions and contributed continuously to the development of the TYPO3 core.

More importantly, we think that the community around TYPO3 is absolutely inspiring and helps to provide the best possible set of solutions to all potential customer needs. Our experience shows that deep involvement in open source activities provides a huge and unparalleled level of mutual support and technical expertise, which results in efficient business processes and a successful delivery of our product.

TRITUM is proud to be a professional TYPO3 partner and is looking forward to many new and exciting projects ahead!

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